Red Light Therapy and Slimming

Full body Red Light therapy is finally here!!

Spa Paradiso's unique high intensity LED panels provide unparalled red (660nm), slimming (635nm) and infrared (850nm) light energy in a single full body, incredibly relaxing therapeutic session!
You may be familiar with the Joovv panels promoted by athletes - these are much more powerful and have additional benefits!

The Treatment

While you bask under the warmth and therapy of the lights and relax to soothing music, you will also enjoy a hand and foot massage. The treatment is 15 minutes for your front and 15 minutes for your back side.

The benefits of red light therapy are well known and science based. There are no known side effects. But there's more...!

As you can see in the photo below, the center of the massage bed is different than the rest. The custom center panels utilize 635nm wavelength LEDs to emulsify and release fat in the abdomen and hip area. The released fat is then removed by your body's lymphatic system over the next few days. An optional, but highly recommended vigorous massage is included in your treatment to aid in expelling the released fat.

What red light therapy does

  • Stimulates ATP production in cells causing them to gain energy and vitality
  • Promotes growth of new capillaries, improves circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system
  • Boosts production of collagen and fibroblasts for more full, firm and elastic skin
  • Reduces inflammation

The Benefits

  • Smoothing of fine wrinkles and skin rejuvenation
  • Fat reduction
  • Pain relief - eases joint stiffness and soreness
  • Accelerated healing
  • Relief of muscular tension
Center panels emit fat reducing wavelengths

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