Facials - MicroCurrent

What is Microcurrent?

Microcurrent therapy treats the signs of aging, such as facial lines and wrinkles, as well as the effects of sun damage, smoking and weight gain by stimulating muscle memory, increasing circulation and toning and tightening skin.

What results can be expected?

  • Deep wrinkle softening
  • Fine line elimination
  • Lifting and toning of the jaw, neck and facial muscles
  • Reduction of puffiness and darkness around the eyes
  • Enhanced skin texture

Is it painful?

Microcurrent therapy is painless. Some clients may experience a tingling or prickling sensation but most people find it a very soothing, relaxing and enjoyable treatment.

Is it safe?

The current is extremely low, less than the output of a pacemaker, and is totally safe.

How often do I have to have the treatment?

Most people will see improvement after just one session. As with any form of exercise, it takes regular sessions to achieve good muscle tone. To gain the full benefit of the therapy, 8-12 sessions are recommended. After that, a maintenance session every 3-4 months is recommended.